Even if you own the best looking website in the world but is not found on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc with relevant keywords that describes your nature of business, it’s as similar as a product that remains unobserved. Hence, it’s very essential to optimise your site through off-page as well as on-page methods.

Webologist is popularly known for bringing up the business web presence on the top and prominent pages of search engines as well as social networking sites like Facebook which is a time consuming process, however, if a business is looking to pull up its site on the very first page on the word go – Pay Per Click (PPC) is the only solution where every time a user clicks on one’s site, he or she ends up spending substantial amount of money depending on the potency of the keywords/phrases and can turn out to be an expensive affair. However, Webologist avails beneficial deals from the largest search engine, Google and even Yellow Pages where on crediting $200 for PPC to the account, we obtain more than double the value of the amount deposited as we share a good rapport and business relation for more than a decade with both Google and Yellow Pages and have also served these organisations for their customer support and inbound services.

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