Hi ! I'm Brendon Wright, B & N Creation's chief artist.
I began drawing cartoons way back, even before Eve gave Adam the ipad. Like him I was an early adopter of the digital tablet: the paint spattered sleeves are a lot easier to clean and the pencils, paints and chalks look just as real. The pictures email with far less bother too!

My gal Nina and I formed B& N Creations in 2006 after realising the design world had forgotten their most effective tool, Illustration.

Our first client was, for us, an illustrious beginning : Shell Energy International, we painted images for them to show a thriving future without oil. Almost 9 years later, we're still proud to find our cartoons, logos, mascots and animated videos gobbled up for use in staff training by a number of NZ's top employers. These include several of the District Health Boards around New Zealand.

We're gratified to have embellished album covers for bands about the globe and to have penned a well used animation for the Christchurch quake rebuild.

As an informal life coach and former professional Nina's been branching out into eco-girl-friendly business opportunities. She still keeps me focussed on our goals as a creative venture. She's a strong believer in life and people, that business must serve and enhance living, not drag it down.

You'll notice some gifts strike more than once. In one's “other life” I'm a skilled musician on guitar and keyboard, with stout lungs and a velvet larynx. (with some training thanks to Nina!)

Over the years we've both played before thousands on a variety of vintage instruments and Brendoon was the 2015 featured artist in “AS THE TONEWHEEL TURNS,” an American publication well loved by Hammond Organ rockers!

However, I digress...

We LOVE the underdog and make certain to serve clients at both ends of the ladder, from the corporate to the private, those with bountiful budgets as well as those who like Pro Bono assistance. Don't hesitate to ask! You shouldn't miss out on premium fun.

Though we're based in Christchurch, we provide our services and products throughout New Zealand, Australia and the world. Our services are based on integrity and fair dealings, treating all clients with dignity and respect. We stay up to date with technology, keep our tabs on trends and continue to enhance your access to the best outcome and returns.

Our work is tailored, so if you're looking for relevant services tell us what you need and we'll customize accordingly.