Carbon dating suggests people have been speaking with a pencil for fifty thousand years: since the Upper Paleolithic. Not even Oral Histories have come that far. Rock on!

B& N Creations have been providing illustrations, fine artwork and a cartoons for almost a decade now. we taper our pricing to fit your budget of private clients and small businesses.

B & N Creations

The Christchurch giant CERA (Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority) has named us their Preferred Supplier. CDHB (Canterbury District Health Board) comes to us regularly to spice up their Presentations, Posters and Staff Training resources. We also supply artwork to the Canterbury Clinical Network, the South Island Health Alliance and the West Coast DHB... to the far North we've supplied commissions to the NDHB. Our services have included art for websites, books and album covers.

Our work is an amalgam of tradition and technology.
- B & N Creations

Artwork is hand drawn directly to the tablet, digitised and ready for print, web or wherever your final destination might be.

B & N Creations

Our merry crew of two is based in Christchurch, New Zealand - a happy placement: the Christchurch rebuild has thrown a lot of work our way in the form of Architectural visualisations of new houses, subdivisions and proposed business premises.

B & N Creations

A mascot captures the personality of your business. A caricature of the team rewards staff and boss, an unforgettable birthday gift.

Train your staff and educate clientele with infographics, either static or animated.

Infographic for the West Coast District Health Board
While we're on business, animated video speaks brilliantly for itself... whether for
advertising, seminars or corporate presentations. It's like a dam'd amazing infographic but IT MOVES!

"Accessible Christchurch," Video infographic for Healthy Christchurch at CDHB.

Warning, this film contains RICHIE MCCAW....

Our illustrative logos are more visually appealing than traditional logotypes and they bring greater recognition to your brand.

B & N Creations

Combine that with an aggressive online presence garnered by “some people I know,” as they say in the movies.
-B & N Creations

Should you desire it these guys'll turn every stone to build your business reputation for prospective customers.

An artist has more uses than a mad scientist has cold coffees. For a bit of inspiration have a browse through the Services tab and let your mind churn with the possibilites.

B & N Creations